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Projects with Purpose

A site restructure was needed to map out product offerings for a small health coaching business. Discovery interviews found there was confusion around brand offerings, product value and coach credibility.  The redesign streamlined content in a way that answers many questions most users had about health coaching services with increased CTAs to improve inquiry rates of site visitors.

Mobile App Development for Modern, Plant-Based Users
(In Development)

For the Pizza Nut project, I wanted to understand the needs of plant-based users to develop a new mobile app product.  The research uncovered the frustration most vegan and vegetarians face when ordering online.  This digital product provides user-friendly customization options for a wide user base in an appetizing user interface.


Developed from personal frustrations, the physical elevator received a digital face lift in product functionality. Users in high-rise hotels, condos and office building will benefit greatly by requesting an elevator at their desired time on the Ellevate app with real time status updates. Virtually no other product in the market resembles this product, making it an attractive API option for large hotel conglomerates.

In Progress ellevate_edited.jpg
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